KSU, Marietta, GA, USA | December 19-21, 2022

Workshop on University Plus: Mission and Scope


Mr. Ammar Jaffri
Digital Pakistan

M. Waqar Shaheer, Ph.D.
Lead Risk Manager, System & Software Architect Educational Design Consultant

M. Ali Ismail, Prof. & Chair,
Computer & Information Systems,
NED UET, Karachi, Pakistan


University Plus ( www.universityplus.pk ) theme is brainchild of Chairman of UP+ Mr. Ammar Jafri that has expanded in Pakistan with its connections all over the globe for cause of education, training and cooperation of developing world with a special focus on the youth population.
The Fast-Digital Transformation and growing dependence on it have already created gaps between traditional knowledge sets and the needs for the knowledge economy. This gap is increasing fast and one needs to think out of the box to bridge the gaps. Latest technologies and their easy adoption are also providing options to fill the gaps provided ones proactively react to the market strains. Center of Information Technology ( CIT ) a Private Limited Company having 25+ years’ experience in Education, IT Services & Solutions in partnership with National & International Partners has conceived the idea of University Plus (U+ ) to fill the gaps and start the process of “Preparing the Future Leaders of Pakistan to meet the Challenges of 21st Century based on the Global Best Practices of Knowledge Economy and Contents of Emerging Technologies e.g., Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, AR/VR and 3D Printing Technologies and so on.

Major Objectives:

While the University Plus project has acquired its momentum as a Movement and has a lot more to offer, the foremost aims are the mitigation of the gaps between the formal education and the workplace/job-market needs.
• Aims to fill the existing gaps in the demand-driven industry and the university education.
• Focus to train the unemployed, underemployed, and those university graduates who are working outside their university education.
• Preparing the University graduates for International job markets.
• University Plus is engaging top-level Ph.D./ Industry Experts to deliver three months of certification in respective domains for the condensed and target-oriented know-how.
• The pyramid of education system needs to be revised directly based on Global Best Practices as bottom layer divided into many levels of education (in terms of Quality & Environments) in the Same City & Locality with multitude of media and locality, e.g., English Medium, Urdu Medium, Madrasas, Village Schools, Open air schools & Informal arrangements for out of Schools and so on.
• Entire System based on traditional bookish knowledge with little investments in adopting new trends i.e., K-12 or STEM System that are focused to improve the Creativity Process among the students, apprentices and trainees.

Envisioned Program :

Workshop/Session (3hours)
A) Presentations
      Invited Speaker (1)
      Invited Speaker (2)
      Contributed Talks/Presentations
      - Skillset Deployment and Training
      - Online Courses and Tutorials
      - Mentorship and Business Development
      - Automation for precision and safety
      - And more ……………………
B) Panel Discussions
      - Experts from Academe
      - Industry and Job-market
      - Government Functionaries

Papers Submissions:

Papers that present original work, validated by experimentation, simulation, or analysis, testbeds, field-trials, or real deployments are welcome. All papers should be submitted at the HONET main website using the link below.

Submit your paper.

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Moderator: Ms. Nelam Pari
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