KSU, Marietta, GA, USA | December 19-21, 2022

Workshop on Innovation Ecosystem in Pakistan & Role of Universities


Mr. Hassan Syed
CEO of Bir Ventures US,
Founder of IdeaGist
Email: hassan (AT) ideagist.com

Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry, Prof.
Chair, IEEE Karachi Section
Professor Emeritus MUET, Jamshoro, Pakistan
Email: c.bhawani (AT) ieee.org


Founder of IdeaGist (TM) Hassan Syed proposed the theme to reach out to the academics and practitioners in Pakistan’s innovation ecosystem, focusing on the role of universities in developing entrepreneurial ventures and their role on developing a vibrant innovation ecosystem in the communities around them.

The workshop will bring together the experienced entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, and institutional leaders, to share their stories with enthusiastic and determined entrepreneurial minded youth from all walks of life. The program will include couple of keynote presentations, several contributed papers, and several short but focused entrepreneurial presentations by young entrepreneurs.

Major Objectives:

The foremost goal is to identify role of academia as the key stakeholder in the innovation ecosystem in collaboration with the industry and government. To achieve this goal, the workshop will focus on following outcomes:
• Identify major gaps in industry/academia linkages as they relate to the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship.
• Provide a global perspective on how universities worldwide assuming a leadership role in developing a vibrant innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in their communities.
• Provide an insight into real challenges faced by innovators and entrepreneurs in secondary and tertiary cities in Pakistan.

One of the Thematic Objectives of an Industrial Ecosystem is efficiency and environmental friendliness that builds and sustains smart communities. An earliest paradigm of an industrial ecology can be found in Kalundborg, Denmark, where several industrial facilities are inter-linked, sharing their byproducts, e.g., wastes, waste-water and heat. They include a power plant, an oil refinery, a pharmaceutical plant, a plasterboard factory, an enzyme manufacturer, a waste management company, and the city itself. Accordingly, an ‘Innovation Ecosystem’ can be envisioned to support Sustainable Entrepreneurial Environment (SEE) with clear goals, healthy competition, and with intellectual property protection support.

Envisioned Program :

workshop program

Papers Submissions:

Papers that present original work, validated by experimentation, simulation, or analysis, testbeds, field-trials, or real deployments are welcome. All papers should be submitted at the HONET main website using the link below.

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